Benefits of Juicing

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An experienced sales and media professional, Aaron Rosenbaum is the Chief Operating Officer and associate producer of Mountain Time Media in Denver, Colorado, where he is involved with multiple aspects media messaging and documentary filmmaking. In addition to his work helping nonprofits in the Colorado area, Aaron Rosenbaum is committed to health and fitness and has lately become an advocate for juicing.

For many of us, eating our vegetables isn’t the most appealing proposition. The typical American diet taught in schools puts Vegetables as a side dish, but after countless hours of exploration and dieting, Aaron Rosenbaum has discovered plant-based foods are the most important food group for his diet.
Vegetables and fruits provide vital nutrients for the body to function at its top form. For those who don’t enjoy chomping down on cruciferous greens or other types of vegetables, juicing is a great option to try. For a more in-depth look at the benefits of juicing, check out Joe Cross’s film, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead.

Because you’re drinking vegetables in juice form, the body is more able to rapidly absorb and metabolize the vital nutrients found in each vegetable. This is especially beneficial for those who have digestion issues that prevent them from eating certain types of vegetables. Secondly, it allows individuals to get their daily recommended vegetable intake more easily than by simply eating them. Lastly, by juicing you can try all kinds of different vegetables more easily, and also mix them with fruits to create great-tasting juices. See Joe’s website for recipe ideas,

How to Stay Safe While Participating in CrossFit

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CrossFit Safety

Based in Denver, Colorado, Aaron Rosenbaum directs online marketing plans for apartment rental clients in his role as founder and owner of Experience Local. When not serving customers in the Colorado area, Aaron Rosenbaum enjoys staying active by participating in CrossFit.

With a combination of cardio, agility training, and weight lifting, CrossFit is an excellent tool that you can use to hone all aspects of your body. As with any physical activity, you can run the risk of incurring injury during this type of training if you do not follow the proper safety practices. Thankfully, you can do a number of things to ensure your own safety and prevent injury throughout each practice.

CrossFit may focus heavily on intensity, but this does not mean that you should start your training with the most extreme workouts. When you first begin CrossFit, you should practice exercises slowly and with lower weights so you do not strain your body. Slowly build upon your workouts as you go, always remember to warm up before practice, and focus on fundamentals first to lower your risk of experiencing an injury.

Another way you can help yourself stay safe during CrossFit training is to always practice with a spotter nearby. This is particularly important if you feel uncertain about a new exercise or lifting weights. When working with a CrossFit trainer, you should bring any concerns to their attention so you do not push yourself too far past your own comfort zone and physical capabilities.

Web Development Tips for Beginners

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Web Development Tips

As the former manager of business development and client relations at Sales Process Solutions, LLC, in Denver, Colorado, Aaron Rosenbaum generated over $8,000 in revenue monthly by managing client relationships and sales campaigns. The founder and owner of Experience Local, also in Colorado, he now creates marketing campaigns for apartment rentals. Aaron Rosenbaum counts web development among his multiple and varied interests.

If you are just beginning with web development, there are some tips that will increase the likelihood of your success with it. Simple rather than complex designs are more likely to lure visitors to your website, particularly if your content is useful and engaging. Moreover, make sure your website is navigable, as you don’t want to drive visitors away by frustrating them. Similarly, make sure it is compatible with all major browsers, as you don’t want to limit the number of visitors by preventing some from accessing it altogether.