Benefits of Juicing

Juicing pic
 Juicing pic

An experienced sales and media professional, Aaron Rosenbaum is the Chief Operating Officer and associate producer of Mountain Time Media in Denver, Colorado, where he is involved with multiple aspects media messaging and documentary filmmaking. In addition to his work helping nonprofits in the Colorado area, Aaron Rosenbaum is committed to health and fitness and has lately become an advocate for juicing.

For many of us, eating our vegetables isn’t the most appealing proposition. The typical American diet taught in schools puts Vegetables as a side dish, but after countless hours of exploration and dieting, Aaron Rosenbaum has discovered plant-based foods are the most important food group for his diet.
Vegetables and fruits provide vital nutrients for the body to function at its top form. For those who don’t enjoy chomping down on cruciferous greens or other types of vegetables, juicing is a great option to try. For a more in-depth look at the benefits of juicing, check out Joe Cross’s film, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead.

Because you’re drinking vegetables in juice form, the body is more able to rapidly absorb and metabolize the vital nutrients found in each vegetable. This is especially beneficial for those who have digestion issues that prevent them from eating certain types of vegetables. Secondly, it allows individuals to get their daily recommended vegetable intake more easily than by simply eating them. Lastly, by juicing you can try all kinds of different vegetables more easily, and also mix them with fruits to create great-tasting juices. See Joe’s website for recipe ideas,