Denver Broncos Defeat Chicago Bears in First Preseason Game

Denver Broncos pic
Denver Broncos pic
Denver Broncos

An experienced entrepreneur, Aaron Rosenbaum founded and has served as owner of Experience Local in Denver, Colorado, for the past year. Outside of his professional pursuits, Aaron Rosenbaum is an avid fan of Colorado sports teams and enjoys following the Denver Broncos.

On August 11, 2016, the Denver Broncos played their first game of the preseason against the Chicago Bears, starting strong after capping off the 2015 season with a Super Bowl championship. Starting quarterback candidate Mark Sanchez brought the team early success after guiding his fellow players through a 76-yard drive that ended in a touchdown reception of 32 yards. Throughout the rest of the first quarter, he went on to complete all but three of the passes that he threw.

Mirroring the success of the offensive line, the Broncos’ defensive rushers continued their strength from the previous season. In the second quarter, rookie player Vontarrius Dora made two sacks on the Bears’ quarterback and caused him to fumble the ball once. The success of these plays perfectly positioned the Broncos to make a field goal that brought the score to 13-0. Both offense and defense remained strong throughout the rest of the game, which led to the Broncos’ impressive victory at 22-0.