Broncos Sign Third-Round Pick Carlos Henderson to Four-Year Deal

Carlos Henderson pic
Carlos Henderson

For nearly a year, Aaron Rosenbaum has worked as an associate producer at Mountain Time Media in Denver, Colorado. In this role he has been involved with producing primarily documentary-style video projects with Colorado-based nonprofit groups. Some of his recent clients have been Paws for Purple Hearts and Project Sanctuary; both aid in helping military members and their families re-connect after years of service. In his free time, Aaron Rosenbaum enjoys cheering on Colorado sports teams and has been a lifelong fan of the greatest sports team in the world, the Denver Broncos.

In late May, the Denver Broncos signed the last of their 2017 draft picks, locking in Carlos Henderson to a four-year contract that could see him earn up to $3.3 million over the life of the deal after pocketing a signing bonus of just over $800,000. Leaving school for the NFL after his junior year, Henderson played college football at Louisiana Tech, where he was named Offensive Player of the Year and Special Teams Player of the Year by Conference USA. While he is competing with All-Pro WR’s Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders, Henderson has a chance to make an immediate impact on Special Teams.

The Broncos selected Henderson in the third round of the 2017 draft, adding depth to the wide receiver position. He is expected to compete with fifth-rounder Isaiah McKenzie for a slot receiver position that would likely lead to immediate playing time.

Benefits of Juicing

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An experienced sales and media professional, Aaron Rosenbaum is the Chief Operating Officer and associate producer of Mountain Time Media in Denver, Colorado, where he is involved with multiple aspects media messaging and documentary filmmaking. In addition to his work helping nonprofits in the Colorado area, Aaron Rosenbaum is committed to health and fitness and has lately become an advocate for juicing.

For many of us, eating our vegetables isn’t the most appealing proposition. The typical American diet taught in schools puts Vegetables as a side dish, but after countless hours of exploration and dieting, Aaron Rosenbaum has discovered plant-based foods are the most important food group for his diet.
Vegetables and fruits provide vital nutrients for the body to function at its top form. For those who don’t enjoy chomping down on cruciferous greens or other types of vegetables, juicing is a great option to try. For a more in-depth look at the benefits of juicing, check out Joe Cross’s film, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead.

Because you’re drinking vegetables in juice form, the body is more able to rapidly absorb and metabolize the vital nutrients found in each vegetable. This is especially beneficial for those who have digestion issues that prevent them from eating certain types of vegetables. Secondly, it allows individuals to get their daily recommended vegetable intake more easily than by simply eating them. Lastly, by juicing you can try all kinds of different vegetables more easily, and also mix them with fruits to create great-tasting juices. See Joe’s website for recipe ideas,

The 2015 Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos pic
Denver Broncos

Aaron Rosenbaum is the founder of Experience Local, an online marketing, Web design, and property management operation based in Denver, Colorado. In addition, Aaron Rosenbaum is an avid supporter of Colorado sports teams, including the Denver Broncos.

The 2015 Denver Broncos earned the franchise its first Super Bowl title since back-to-back championships in 1997 and 1998. The Broncos began the season with a seven-game winning streak, which featured a number of narrow victories, including a 23-20 victory over the Minnesota Vikings in Week 4 and an overtime win against the Cleveland Browns two weeks later. Denver finished the regular season with a 12-4 record for the second year in a row.

The Broncos opened the postseason against the Pittsburgh Steelers, taking the divisional match up 23-16 and extending their win streak to three games. The Broncos continued their playoff run against the New England Patriots in the American Football Conference (AFC) Championship. Escaping with a 2-point victory, the Broncos advanced to Super Bowl 50 to face the Carolina Panthers. Once again, the Denver defense overwhelmed the opposition, shutting out the Panthers in the opening quarter on the way to a 24-10 triumph. It was the franchise’s third Super Bowl win.

How to Stay Safe While Participating in CrossFit

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CrossFit Safety

Based in Denver, Colorado, Aaron Rosenbaum directs online marketing plans for apartment rental clients in his role as founder and owner of Experience Local. When not serving customers in the Colorado area, Aaron Rosenbaum enjoys staying active by participating in CrossFit.

With a combination of cardio, agility training, and weight lifting, CrossFit is an excellent tool that you can use to hone all aspects of your body. As with any physical activity, you can run the risk of incurring injury during this type of training if you do not follow the proper safety practices. Thankfully, you can do a number of things to ensure your own safety and prevent injury throughout each practice.

CrossFit may focus heavily on intensity, but this does not mean that you should start your training with the most extreme workouts. When you first begin CrossFit, you should practice exercises slowly and with lower weights so you do not strain your body. Slowly build upon your workouts as you go, always remember to warm up before practice, and focus on fundamentals first to lower your risk of experiencing an injury.

Another way you can help yourself stay safe during CrossFit training is to always practice with a spotter nearby. This is particularly important if you feel uncertain about a new exercise or lifting weights. When working with a CrossFit trainer, you should bring any concerns to their attention so you do not push yourself too far past your own comfort zone and physical capabilities.

Denver Broncos Defeat Chicago Bears in First Preseason Game

Denver Broncos pic
Denver Broncos

An experienced entrepreneur, Aaron Rosenbaum founded and has served as owner of Experience Local in Denver, Colorado, for the past year. Outside of his professional pursuits, Aaron Rosenbaum is an avid fan of Colorado sports teams and enjoys following the Denver Broncos.

On August 11, 2016, the Denver Broncos played their first game of the preseason against the Chicago Bears, starting strong after capping off the 2015 season with a Super Bowl championship. Starting quarterback candidate Mark Sanchez brought the team early success after guiding his fellow players through a 76-yard drive that ended in a touchdown reception of 32 yards. Throughout the rest of the first quarter, he went on to complete all but three of the passes that he threw.

Mirroring the success of the offensive line, the Broncos’ defensive rushers continued their strength from the previous season. In the second quarter, rookie player Vontarrius Dora made two sacks on the Bears’ quarterback and caused him to fumble the ball once. The success of these plays perfectly positioned the Broncos to make a field goal that brought the score to 13-0. Both offense and defense remained strong throughout the rest of the game, which led to the Broncos’ impressive victory at 22-0.